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Durée 1h - 1h30 par session

3h Atelier

Move freely, breathe fully and have fun at most: this is the basis of an active and enthusiastic life.

An invitation to surrender to pleasure!



DANCE for your pure pleasure and well-being!
DANCE to improve your flexibility and relaxation!
DANCE for fun and to stimulate your creativity!
DANCE, a pleasure for the soul!


“Dance is the hidden language of the soul”

                                        - Martha Graham



From our body emerge rhythms and sounds unique to each one.
Every minute, life offers us a journey of sensations that we should be able to recognize and appreciate.
At the essence of a human being, a rhythm unites us all: the heartbeat.




























































The Objective


This workshop not only strengthens group integration, but it enhances the esteem and self-image, the attention span and memory, regardless of age. It increases the quality of our communication tools and above all, our mental and physical agility and our reflexes.

Key words: a flexible mind in a flexible body!



The Content

Breath, Motion, Voice


You will discover the pleasure of the rhythm of your breathing associated with movement.


With music, you will have the opportunity to improve your flexibility by performing smooth coordination exercises at your own pace.

By introducing elements of gesture, such as the scarf, you will be lead into slow dance steps and define an interaction with one another and with the space.

These exercises will open on improvisation for the spontaneous creation that each participant will want to explore.

In this context, we will deepen communication through rhythm to enhance the physical and mental movement and teamwork.


Duration:  1h – 1h30 each session. 

Irem Bekter - Well Being
Irem Bekter - Well Being
Irem Bekter - Well Being
Irem Bekter - Well Being
Irem Bekter - Well Being
Irem Bekter - Well Being
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