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Workshop for Stage Professionals
Body, mind and voice expressing simultaneously through rhythm work
A training program oriented to the unfurling of imagination and creativity through rhythms, using movement, voice and the word to explore the artist’s maximum expression.



 “ Working with Argentine rhythms, especially with ‘zapateo’ (a dance featuring stomping) has allowed me to discover new sensations as well as the need to bring these expressions to 'the theatre world'.  I believe ‘striking the ground’ with the foot to be a tremendously emotional and dramatic outburst, even more so when incorporating diverse rhythms, because of the varied intensities of energy and dynamic which this specific foot work requires.”
                - Irem Bekter                                                            




Rhythms emerging from the body are strongly linked to the deepest inner self.

It is a journey back to the essence of humankind.
A human being is born with rhythm inside him: the heartbeat.

Emotions determine the alterations of these pulsations.
These rhythm changes dominate the body and the body ‘speaks’ even when the words suggest the contrary.
The body and the words are each subject to their own rhythms, rhythms that do not always coincide.





Since each person will experience and thus express him or herself differently, this training program is intended to help participants explore the reciprocity between word, movement and rhythm, so that they will discover new ways of responding to and influencing others on stage.


The aim is to accomplish a good sense of rhythm, first through improving  ‘hearing’, then carrying it through the body, the voice and through the words. This enables the participants to play around with internal and external rhythms and achieve ‘live’ performances.

Irem Bekter Workshops



  • Audio-rhythmic exercises

  • Coordination and dissociation

  • Working with the rhythm of our breathing

  • Body in movement using rhythms: the body expresses itself through diverse forms motivated by these rhythms

  • Ritual: Body percussion and communication through rhythms to strengthen group work

  • Liberating the voice through rhythmic exercises and working the voice range to go beyond its limitations

  • Dissociating the body from the voice and the words 

  • Working on emotions linked to rapid, dynamic rhythm changes. (Internal rhythm versus external rhythm) Mind-Voice-Body

  • Discovering vital rhythm and energy changes within a scene

  • Creative works on chosen subjects


Duration of the workshop can range from 3h to half a day.

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