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A workshop exploring rhythm, motion and voice for all those who want to overcome their fears.

The ideal compromise between improvisation entertainment and personal growth.
























Working with Argentine rhythms, especially with ‘zapateo’ (a dance featuring stomping) has allowed me to discover new sensations as well as the need to bring these expressions to 'the theatre world'.  I believe ‘striking the ground’ with the foot to be a tremendously emotional and dramatic outburst, even more so when incorporating diverse rhythms, because of the varied intensities of energy and dynamic which this specific foot work requires ”.

Irem Bekter                                                                     



Breath, Motion, Voice


Rhythms emerging from the body are strongly linked to the deepest inner self.

It is a journey back to the essence of humankind.
A human being is born with rhythm inside him: the heartbeat.

Emotions determine the alterations of these pulsations.

These rhythm changes dominate the body and the body ‘speaks’.



The objective


The idea is that everyone can transcend his/her limits to discover 'strength' beyond appearances and the fear of ridicule.

This workshop not only strengthens intercation between the participants , but it enhances the esteem and self-image, the attention span and memory, regardless of age. It increases the quality of our communication tools and above all our mental and physical agility and our reflexes.



An invitation to find your own pace.

An invitation to stimulate creativity by giving space for self-expression.

An invitation to surrender to pleasure!



The Content


  • Audio-rhythmic exercises

  • Coordination and dissociation

  • Explore movement basics connecting the percussive sounds of your feet and hands, freeing yourself to initiate sound from gesture

  • Work with the rhythm of breathing

  • Liberate the voice

  • Ritual: communicate through rhythms to strengthen team work

  • Improvisation


Duration:  2h each session. 

Irem Bekter - Dance Theatre
Irem Bekter - Dance Theatre
Irem Bekter - Dance Theatre
Irem Bekter - Dance Theatre
Irem Bekter - Dance Theatre
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